OK, its time for more movie Overlanding from Movieclips. This is from a film I really liked but is not for everybody, No Country for Old Men. In the scene, the main character Llewelyn Moss is being chased at dawn by a pretty bad-ass pickup across the west Texas desert. There is no dialog or music, only the stunning pre-dawn sky and the sound of the truck's V8 blasting accross the terrain.

Unfortunately, there is no entry for the pickup yet at The Internet Movie Cars Database  but I think that's because its difficult to see the make and model in the dark. I'm going to take some screen captures and upload an entry, maybe the community over there can figure it out.

One thing I do know is that it sure has a lot of auxilliary lights! I count 10 in total, 7 on the sport bar, 2 on the bumper, and 1 at the right side view mirror. That's almost as much as I have when fully decked out. I had only the rooftop lights mounted for my trip to Utah and they sure came in handy out there.