Here's a music video for a song I really liked back in the 80's when I was expanding my musical tastes. Ultravox had a rich sound with layered synths and great harmonies.

But back then I couldn't appreciate the classic Land Rovers in the video.

There's a blue one and a sand coloured one, I think they are Defenders but I'm not up on all the models so I cannot be sure. The Internet Movie Cars Database doesn't have an entry so I will try to add to it when I can.

They look great in the video though as they drive up to the top of the cliffs. At first I thought they were at the White Cliffs of Dover. But then after examining the video in detail, I think I found where the location is.

As they point to the location I can make out "EAS" to the far right. I believe this is Eastbourne which is almost due south from London. You can see the area on Google Maps. The actual coastline and cliffs are at Beachy Head I think, which can be seen on Google's terrain map.